Tea packaging box DSC3782-1

Support drawing proofing, sample customization, environmentally friendly materials/FSC materials, MDF spray matte paint.
1. Material characteristics
Material: Wooden tea packaging boxes are made of a variety of materials, including solid wood, MDF (medium density fiberboard), plywood, bamboo, etc. Different materials have different characteristics and prices. For example, solid wood packaging boxes are more upscale, but the price is relatively high; while MDF and plywood have the advantages of low cost and easy processing.
Type: According to different designs and uses, wooden tea packaging boxes can be divided into many types, such as flip-top, drawer-type, and top-bottom lid-type. Each type has its own unique opening method and appearance characteristics to meet the needs of different consumers.
2. Features and advantages
Environmental protection: Wooden materials come from nature and are renewable, and many wooden tea packaging boxes use environmentally friendly processes in the production process, such as non-toxic paint, water-based glue, etc., which are in line with modern people's pursuit of environmental protection.
Aesthetics: Wooden materials have natural textures and colors, making wooden tea packaging boxes more attractive in appearance. At the same time, through different process treatments (such as engraving, hot stamping, UV, etc.), its aesthetics can be further enhanced.
Protectiveness: Wood materials have good sealing and moisture resistance, which can effectively protect tea from the influence of the external environment and maintain its original quality and taste.
Versatility: In addition to being used as packaging containers for tea, some beautifully designed wooden tea packaging boxes can also be used as decorations or storage boxes on the tea table, which increases its practicality.

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